Data protection

Data Protection & Privacy Measures

We understand the importance of protecting personal information and maintaining data privacy. That’s why we’ve established strict procedures to ensure that all of our data collection activities are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

  • Robust data handling protocols; Our secure data management practices protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorised access.
  • Compliance with Australian Privacy Law Regulations; We strictly adhere to data protection standards, the Australian Privacy Act and safeguarding your customers’ information.
  • Regular compliance assessments; We conduct routine audits to ensure that our data practices remain current and in line with industry standards.
Data updates

A Dynamic & Comprehensive Data Universe

We believe in harnessing the transformative power of data to fuel business success. Our expansive consumer data universe serves as the backbone of our online platforms, offering you;

  • Seamless data access; Obtain the critical information you need, exactly when you need it, through our user-friendly online platforms.
  • Daily updates; Stay ahead of the competition with access to the latest and most accurate data, as our universe is updated daily to ensure relevancy.
  • Unrivalled data coverage; Our comprehensive data universe encompasses an extensive range of records, allowing you to make well-informed decisions and tailor your strategies accordingly.

Largest B2C Dataset

We hold the world’s largest Australian Consumer dataset, consisting of nearly 1 billion current and historical records with full data lineage.


Trusted Data Source

Rely on our commitment to data accuracy, privacy compliance and security. Trust us to provide you with the consumer data you need to drive your business forward. Make the smart choice and leverage compliant data.


Highest Data Accuracy

Make data-driven decisions with confidence. Our rigorous data validation process and daily updates ensure that you receive the most accurate information available. Elevate your strategy with Global Data’s unmatched data accuracy.

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0M+ Current Consumer Profiles
0M+ Historical Records
0M+ Real Estate Records
0M+ Insights & Social Media
Our Data

Reliable & Compliant Data Solutions

We recognise the significance of reliable and current data for businesses. We strive to collect and enhance large volumes of data to deliver the most comprehensive, complete and dependable consumer data information available to our clients.

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Diverse Alternative Data Sources

Data Attributes
Data Attributes


Data Features


Accurate Data

Unleash unmatched data accuracy with Global Data. Our Pango engine filters out the noise, leaving only the most complete and accurate data daily. Make data-driven decisions with confidence and achieve your goals with the highest level of data accuracy.


Powerful Demographics

Get ready to take your marketing game to the next level! With Global Data, you’ll have access to intelligent depth attributes that accurately target your audience. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to better ROI. Market smarter, not harder, with our unmatched data accuracy.


Best Coverage

Maximise your reach with our unmatched consumer coverage! With millions of current records on consumers Australia-wide, our ratio of data to population is the highest. Target your audience with precision and achieve better KYC results!


Best Quality

Unlock your marketing potential with the highest quality data in the market. With our strict data validation process, you can trust in the accuracy of our consumer information for your marketing campaigns. Enhance your Know Your Customer (KYC) process with the best consumer data available, ensuring you make informed decisions and reach your target audience with ease.


Best Depth

Our comprehensive and diverse data covers the needs of various industries including KYC, Credit & Collections, Banking and more. From contact metric diversity to intelligent depth attributes, we’re your go-to for high-quality data that delivers better ROI in your marketing and business endeavors.


ISO27001 Certified

Your data is safe with us. Our commitment to privacy, security and compliance is unmatched. As an ISO 27001 certified company, we take the protection of your data seriously and ensure it is handled with the highest level of security and control. Be weary of uncertified or uncontrolled data handlers!

Data storage
privacy & compliance

Data Privacy & Storage

Strict Compliance, Transparency and ISO27001 Certification.

At Global Data, we prioritise:

  • Protection of personal information; Ensuring strict compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles.
  • Transparency; Storing only aggregated data in our universe, which can be disclosed to consumers or regulatory bodies.
  • Domestic data storage; No overseas data storage, maintaining full transparency in our data practices with both consumers and clients.
  • Consumer suppressions; Promptly processing suppressions for secure handling of sensitive information.
  • Data security; Proudly holding ISO27001 certification, signifying our commitment to a comprehensive information security management system.
  • Continuous improvement; Implementing ongoing measures to secure and protect the personal information we collect and process.
data lineage

Metadata / Data Lineage

Metadata plays a crucial role in identifying the source origin of the data, which is vital for ensuring data reliability, transparency and effective decision-making. In enterprise level deals, we offer source origin identification through metadata which includes;

  • Data Reliability; Knowing the source of the data helps assess its credibility, allowing you to trust the insights derived from the data and make confident business decisions.
  • Data Transparency; Providing source origin information fosters transparency in data practices, building trust between clients, consumers and regulatory bodies.
  • Compliance; Metadata that identifies source origin aids in complying with data protection regulations and industry standards, reducing potential risks and liabilities.
  • Data Lineage; Understanding the origin and flow of data enables better data governance, facilitating the identification and resolution of any data quality issues.
Global Consumer Data

International Data Sets

We partner with top organisations globally to bring you access to diverse data sets. Whether you’re looking for data beyond Australia or in specific countries, just let us know. Our network of trusted partners ensures you receive the data you need, without any hassle. With our commitment to privacy, we never collect or store consumer data outside of Australia. Contact us today to learn more about the countries we serve, other than Australia which is our primary source.

The below is some of the countries we can immediately assist with;

  • USA
  • UK
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • NZ
  • France

Industry Leading Security & Compliance

Our commitment to security and compliance includes a comphrehensive suite of certifications and attestations so you can trust that your data stays secure and compliant.

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Product Solutions

Our Products

For over a decade, we’ve been helping organisations overcome their data challenges, particularly when it comes to enhancing the strength and completeness of Australian Consumer data.



Effortlessly target your ideal consumer audience and launch your campaign with our user-friendly platform, where you can quickly and easily download Australian marketing lists in minutes.



With Caspar, tracking down missing debtors and persons of interest has never been easier. Easily uncover their contact information and reconnect with them in a snap.



Our self-service datawashing platform allows for the repair, validation and enrichment of outdated Australian Consumer data. Improve the quality of your data in minutes.



Stay compliant and secure with our comprehensive identity verification and risk assessment solution, featuring validation, verification and matching of various metrics.


ADC Death Check

Protect your business reputation with our Australian Death Check solution. Maintain data accuracy as required by law, improve customer experience, save money and fight fraud.

ADC Death Check
Global Data API


Easily integrate our reliable RESTful API into your software for seamless access to our extensive Australian Consumer Data Universe. Suitable for automating data processes for any industry.


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